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girls taking bath, girl taking bath, tub girlYou’re going to love no limits phonesex as much as I do!

Like I just did an ageplay phone sex call where my dirty uncle wanted to try out his new video cam.

He said his favorite video was of me as a little baby tub girl and he thought it would be fun to recreate it now that I’m older.;)

I described how I would undress for the camera.  Take off my t-shirt and show him my small teen tits, then bend over while I pulled down my cotton panties showing my young cunt.  He said he loved when his baby niece used nasty words like that.

He pulled out his cock and started stroking it while I lathered up my wet boobs and splashed around in the bubbles. I even blew some on him! *giggles*

Of course the phonesex call ended with him bending my hot teen ass over the counter and fucking my wet pussy. 🙂

That’s ok.  I like incest phone sex and love role play.  I also LOVE my Uncle Ted’s big dick!

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Little Girl Phone Sex

hot-little-cunnyLittle girl phone sex is where you get to play out all your age play and underage sex fantasies.

Sometimes my age play callers remind me a lot of my daddy. He loved playing with his little girl fuck too! *giggle*

He was always taking pictures of my naked little girl body. This is one of the sex pictures daddy took of me with my legs spread wide showing off my teen pussy so he could show the guys at work. They didn’t believe I was daddy’s little fuck baby, but now they do!

Daddy says I’m the hottest little girl fuck because I’m always horny and hungry for daddy’s dick.

He loves when this little teen slut wraps my lips around his throbbing cock and gives him a wet, juicy teen blowjob. Sometimes he even cums on my face! But I like it best when daddy pulls my little girl pussy on his big fat cock. My small boobies bounce up and down as his hard cock thrusts deep inside my tight baby girl pussy. Daddy’s cock gets so hard and his balls fill up with hot cum as his little girl fucks him good!

He said he may bring some of his friends home from work to play with his baby girl fuck. It makes my hot little cunny all wet and creamy just thinking about it. If you call me for little girl phone sex, I can be your little fuck too!

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licking balls, ball licking, sucking ballsI know you love a little cocktease. That’s why you call nasty,  young cocktease phone sex girls like me.  You want me to fondle your balls, lick your balls, give you blue balls.

As you can see, this phone sex tease is very capable of licking balls. Haha

I’ll play with my tight teen pussy and tell you exactly what you’re missing.

I will play you like a fiddle, Daddy.

Get out your credit card, and pick up the phone. Cocktease phone sex is just a phone call away. 😉

Now call me!

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Age Play Phone Sex

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It’s funny how men call me afraid to tell me they really want young age play phone sex.

It’s funny because ageplay phone sex is what I love to do!  haha

I can almost hear you blush when you ask for a really young phone sex fantasy, like I’m gonna be shocked or something. *giggles*

Dude, this is what I do! And I’m good at it too!

Pull up my t-shirt and look at my flat tits. Pull down my white cotton panties and stick your big finger in my little bald cunny then sniff run it under your nose. That always makes you groan. Especially when I cry! You won’t let me go until I’m a good little girl and suck that big cock. “Suck it real good and I might let you go.” You know you’re not going to let me go. You have wrist cuffs and a bed. You know you can keep me there as long as you want.

How young will I go? Any age. I love it when you start at an age you consider acceptable, then the harder your dick gets the younger you want me to play.

That’s ok! It’s age play fantasy. Extreme age play phone sex is so nasty you’ll cum harder than ever so come play with me!

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Young Teen Phone Sex

You love young teen phone sex, don’t you? Who can resist a young hot teen like me? LOL

Mommy and her boyfriend are so loud in her room at night that I can’t help but hear them. You’d think they were a couple of  young teens fucking the way they go at it! I have no choice but to lay in my bed and listen, but it actually kinda turns me on hearing them.

Once I peeked in the crack of the door and watched for a few minutes. Mommy was giving him a hot wet blowjob and OMG, I couldn’t believe how big his cock was!

I wanted to watch longer, but was afraid I’d get caught, so just had to settle on going back to my room and rubbing my teen pussy thinking about that big cock. Wonder what it would be like to get a cum facial?

Mom goes to work early leaving him there in her bed. Maybe I should just go slip in the bed with him after she’s gone. Do you think he would realize that it wasn’t mommy that had that big dick in her mouth, but her young teen nude daughter giving her first blowjob instead? *giggle*

Would you like to be mommy’s boyfriend? Call me for some young teen phone sex and I can tell you how I would seduce you!

Sweet Ashley
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Teen Phone Sex – Sex Games

pedo-phone-sexThis young teen phone sex girl loves to tell sexy stories.

Daddy and I have a special little girl sex game we play every night. I try to make daddy cum by telling him dirty sex stories while he jerks off, and he tries to hold off and not cum.

I like to see how hard daddy tries not to cum when I tell him about me and other little teen sluts making out with each other at my friend’s slumber party. I tell him how us horny teens rubbed our teen tits together, kissed, and even licked each others tight teen pussy. Daddy can never hold out when I start talking about teen lesbian sex and pussy licking!

Daddy also likes to hear about what a naughty babysitter I have been. I told him the father at my last babysitting job came home early and I got caught masturbating. I pretended I didn’t see him, and just let him watch while I rubbed my tiny titties and young teen pussy. I almost laughed at how excited he got when I told him how I made my pussy squirt.

I even told him how me and the other cheerleaders gave the whole basketball team a teen blowjob before the big game! Daddy loved hearing about how I got cum on my face and we licked it all off each other. I didn’t even have to tell him about the teen gangbang after the game!

Daddy’s not very good at this game because no matter how hard he tries, I always win!

Want to play this game with me? Teen phone sex offers us lots of games to play!

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