Naughty Age Play

Age Play Phone Sex

Age Play Phone Sex

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It’s funny how men call me afraid to tell me they really want young age play phone sex.

It’s funny because ageplay phone sex is what I love to do!  haha

I can almost hear you blush when you ask for a really young phone sex fantasy, like I’m gonna be shocked or something. *giggles*

Dude, this is what I do! And I’m good at it too!

Pull up my t-shirt and look at my flat tits. Pull down my white cotton panties and stick your big finger in my little bald cunny then sniff run it under your nose. That always makes you groan. Especially when I cry! You won’t let me go until I’m a good little girl and suck that big cock. “Suck it real good and I might let you go.” You know you’re not going to let me go. You have wrist cuffs and a bed. You know you can keep me there as long as you want.

How young will I go? Any age. I love it when you start at an age you consider acceptable, then the harder your dick gets the younger you want me to play.

That’s ok! It’s age play fantasy. Extreme age play phone sex is so nasty you’ll cum harder than ever so come play with me!

1-800-485-0215 Ext 53